Bangladeshi cuisine

Bangladesh is a country of many rivers and has few of the most fertile lands all over the world. This greatly reflects in Bangladesh’s culinary traditions as they involve ample use of fish, lentils (Dal) and vegetable that is consumed with rice. Bangladeshi food is also marked with having an extensive spiciness and a rich taste. Almost all Bangladeshi food made in homes or in restaurants is rich in taste and flavor and usually is multidimensional in taste. Bangladeshi food bears similarity with its neighboring regions, yet has its own unique zest about food.

A taste of Bangladesh: Common cuisine in Bangladesh


Use of multiple spices is pervasive in almost all Bangladeshi foods. They use several different spices in preparation of all their meals. Curry is quite common in their food and is an immaculate representation of their food philosophy. Sabzi, which simply means vegetable is any curry prepared with fish, chicken or vegetables or a combination of the three, which utilizes several spices in its preparation. Their food has an earthy goodness and could overwhelm the senses with the composition of flavors that. Bangladeshi street food is also quite delightful, being filling, hearty and easy to indulge in

Fish : The pride and joy of Bangladesh


Bangladeshis favor fish in their daily consumption and prepare it a variety of brilliant ways. Bangladeshi’s utilize a variety of fishes and prepare dishes with all parts of a fish’s body in many different ways. They tend to fry fish after rubbing curry paste on it so as to infuse it well with the spices in the pastes. They are also quite choosy in regards with their fish as they are inclined to value river fish much more over any other fish.

Bangladeshi Sweetmeats


Bangladeshi cuisine also comprises of some delicious sweet dishes. Their most common sweet dishes are mishti doi (a sweet-sour curd), ras malai, roshogulla etc. All these dishes come in several variations and are mostly made with sugar syrup and thus have a sensational flavor that pleasantly compliments their spicy and savory dishes.

Rest assured, whatever you pick here in Bangladesh is going to give you an amazing blend of exotic flavors and tastes from the subcontinent in its own native style, treating your taste buds with more than just good food.


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